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Setting up MDM for iOS devices

Last Updated: May 28, 2014 10:50AM EDT


As of 5/2014, AppBlade has a new simplified method for setting up MDM for iOS devices. This is the updated article, please follow these steps. 

Setting up MDM for iOS devices in AppBlade can only be performed by users with Administrator access.

1) Log in to https://appblade.com
2) Select the "Devices" tab from the main menu bar
3) Choose "Management" from the secondary menu bar
4) Locate the team for which you'd like to enable MDM, and choose "set it up now" under the Apple Mobile Device Management section.

         AppBlade mobile device management is set up in the devices tab, under management

5) First, AppBlade will create your Certificate Signing Request ("CSR").

          Generating a Certificate Signing Request in AppBlade Part 1
          Generating a Certificate Signing Request for IOS in Appblade part 2

  • Simply enter the information required by Apple into the fields presented
  • Be sure to check the box indicating that your agree to the terms of use
  • Click "Generate my Certificate Signing Request" to generate your CSR and continue to the next step

6) Second, you'll need to get your Apple Push Notification Service ("APNS") certificate from Apple and upload that to AppBlade

          Adding your Apple Push Notification Certificate for iOS devices to AppBlade

  • In AppBlade, click "download the AppBlade signed Certificate Signing Request" link to download the CSR you generated on the previous page and take note of where you saved the file
  • Click the "AppBlade Push Certificate Portal" link to go to Apple's site
  • On Apple's page click "Create Certificate" and you will be prompted to upload the AppBlade signed CSR file you downloaded earlier

          Uploading your AppBlade CSR to Apple
  • Apple will generate your APNS Certificate, download this and take note of where you saved the file
         Download your new APNS certificate from Apple and upload that to AppBlade
  • Back in AppBlade, click "choose file" to open a dialog box and upload the APNS certificate you just downloaded from Apple
  • Click the "Finish the Mobile Device Management setup" button and you're done!

After finishing enrollment, you will need to bring devices to AppBlade. This can be done by enrolling devices individually or using device pools to distribute your MDM settings on a larger scale (Apple Configurator, via Email, SMS, shared on your company intranet, etc). 

Please note that your APNS certificate for Apple MDM will expire in 1 year. When your APNS certificate expires MDM will no longer work on your iOS devices. You need to regenerate your certificate using the steps in this document to continue using MDM. 

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